Each time you visit a web page data are generated. In the simplest case, already then when your browser calls up a website. In order to be able to display it, the browser must request the website over the internet from the server, on which it is stored. For this to happen, information about your visit is disclosed, so that the server can answer this request correctly and you get a representation of the visited website on your browser.

Information is thus left on the Internet, some necessarily and unavoidable, due to technical reasons. For example, on all routing-machines on which the request of your browser passes until the server is reached. And then also on the way back from the server response to your browser. Regardless of whether the actual information is encrypted or not, it is possible that third parties may intercept this information and even modifiy it, possibly. Against this, there is no absolute protection. We just want to bring this to your attention, because that is exactly what one tends to forget. The transmission link is a security risk. We try to protect this transmission link, as we encrypt data transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

When you visit our websites, we and, where appropriate, third parties, may collect data about this visit.

The legal basis that regulates this collection of data is the Federal Data Protection Law of the Federal Republic of Germany(BDSG) as well as the regulations of the Europe's data-protection : REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), in the following GDPR.

As provider of this web presence we have taken suitable technical and organizational provisions that shall make sure, that the regulations for data protection are respected by ourselves and third parties, e.g. external service-providers that act on our behalf.

This Privacy Declaration explains, what personal data we or our service-providers collect during your visit of our web presence or your use of our applications and services and how we process and make use of these data.

By your acceptance of this Privacy Declaration in its fullest statement you declare your consent for us to collect, to process and to use your personal data to the fines as named herein. You can withdraw your acceptance with effect for the future at any time.

In case we collect personal data from you, as for example name, address, phone number, fax number, email-addresses, we will not share or sell them to any unauthorized third party.


1) Who is collecting data during your visit? (Identity of the responsible authorities)

During your visit to our website data are collected by:

1.a) us, Netlaxy UG (limited liability), and

1.b) third party on our behalf
1.b.1) 1und1 Internet AG, unserem Internet-Service-Provider, aus Deutschland.
1.b.2) PayPal Inc., einem Zahlungsdiensteanbieter aus den Vereinigten Staaten, USA.
1.b.3) Google Inc., einem Suchmaschinen- und Werbemittel-Anbieter aus den Vereinigten Staaten, USA.


2) What information is collected during your visit? (Purpose of the survey)

We can only give detailed explanations about the collected data and the information collected on our behalf, by a third party. Other collection, possible without our knowledge by a third party are not under our control and beyond our scope of influence.

2.a) What data do we, Netlaxy UG (limited liability), collect during your visit ?

Basically visitors can use our website without membership and without indication of any personal data. Personal data is only collected during your registration and use as a member. During normal use, our website does not collect data but we may collect data by third parties (see §2.b).

2.a.a) Usage of the contatc form

In case you use our contact form we register the following data:

2.a.a.a) Email-Address

We register your email-address to be able to react to your contact request and to answer it.

2.a.a.b) Name

We would like to address you with your name, as usual in communication.

2.a.a.c) Text of your message

In the text of your message, you are free to ask the questions and to provide information, as you wish, so we can understand your subject easily, to clarify it and to answer.


2.b) What information is collected during your visit on our behalf, by a third party?

The data described in the following are registered by third parties on our behalf, in accordance with GDPR Article 6, Lawfulness of processing, 1.f), as the processing to protect legitimate interests of the party reponsible for processing is required, see §5, Protection for data misuse by third parties.

2.b.a) 1und1 Internet AG

The 1und1 Internet AG collects on our behalf the usage data. This information is collected each time you access our websites:

2.b.a.a) Usage Data

2.b.a.a.a) "Internet Protocol" (IP) address

The address of the terminal from which you access our services.

2.b.a.a.b) Date and time

The date and time when the visit begins and the date and time to the end of the visit. In connection with the visited pages we can then make statements about the relevance of pages and other quality characteristics or deficits derived.

2.b.a.a.c) Request

The request, the complete Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request that your browser uses to accesses our server. Included in the request is the address of the website that you have visited.

2.b.a.a.d) Response Status

The response status with which our server will answer your request.

2.b.a.a.e) Size of the Response

The size of the response in bytes.

2.b.a.a.f) Domain

The domain (domain), to which the request was sent.

2.b.a.a.g) Original Page

The original page from which you came to our services. We also save the Web page address, the "referrer Unified Resource Locator", the page from which you came to our offer, if available.

2.b.a.a.h) Device-specific Information

This is information such as the browser type of the device with which you visit our services. We store this information.

2.b.b) PayPal Inc.

PayPal Inc. is a payment-system provider we have integrated in our checkout process, to provide you with a widely used, comfortable and secure payment processing.

When you select this payment-system provider, we will guide you to an external window during the payment process, that is controlled by PayPal Inc., so you can process with the payment for your order.

All inputs in this window are made to PayPal Inc. according to the general business terms and Privacy policy of PayPal Inc.

The data collected by PayPay Inc. are required for makting the payment from you to us. For this purpose we transmit your address data and your shopping cart contents to PayPal. PayPal generates a transaction identification number we can use to check your payment and attribute it to your order. For more precise information on these data see the Privacy Policy of PayPal Inc.

If you do not want this to happen, you can simply select a different payment method in your checkout process or your account settings, for example "Pre-Payment".

2.b.c) Google Inc.

Google Inc. is a provider of web analytic tools, advertisement services and a search engine, from whom we have integrated the service "Google Analytics" in our pages, primarily to receive an overview on the usage and the success of our web-pages.

For achieving this, tracking cookies or other technologies are used, in the aim to understand your usage of our page and to potentially give us recommendations, helping us to further optimize our webpages and to improve your shopping journey.

Google therefore collects for us usage and analytics data. These data are collected during your visit of our website and are stored and processed by Google on a server, potentially in the US. Your IP-Adress is anonymised during this process.

Cookies are set by Google for this in your browser. These are governed by the general business terms of Google Inc. and fall under the Privacy Policy of Google Inc.

If you do not want this to happen, you can prevent it in our Cookie settings by disabling "Statistics and Tracking" Cookies.

Beyond this settings you may prevent the use of cookies in your browser settings. This may potentially reduce the functionality of our webpages or even prevent it, as a transmission of data from one page to another or on revisting our page is prevented and some information may be unavailable during page construction.


3) Why and what is collected this data for ? (Purpose of the processing and use)

3.a) Why and what are these data collected for by us, the Netlaxy UG, or by third parties ?

3.a.a) The purpose of collection of the normal usage data

We collect the normal usage data, to ensure the quality of our web pages and content continuously and improve. We calculate how often our web pages are visited and which web pages are often or less often visited based on this data. We can see from what sources do visitors come to our site, and from which region (geographically, by IP address). Also, we can determine which browsers are used to access our site.


4) Who will have access to this data except us? (Categories of recipients - if not obvious)

In addition to those mentioned in §1 parties: as a rule, nobody. These data are neither marketed nor sold at any time. In the case of queries by security authorities, we are subject to German and European jurisdiction and will proceed after examining the legal situation.


5) Protection for data misuse by third parties

To protect our websites, -services and data against misuse, as for example attacks by hackers or bots, we log the usage of our web pages with the help of third parties and collect the access information to our systems, according GDPR Article 6, Lawfulness of processing, 1.f), "The processing is intended to secure the legitimate interests of the responsible party ...", and GDPR Article 6, Lawfulness of processing, 1.c), for fullfillment of legal obligations, the website owner is subject to. Such data will be deleted after regular controls, as soon as the legally set dates permit that deletion.


6) Important rights of the user

If the legal preconditions are provided, the following applies to every user of our webpages and -services :

  • the right of information on the personal data related to the user,
  • the right of correction of such data (GDPR Article 16, Right to rectification),
  • the right of deletion (GDPR Article 17, Right to erasure ("Right to be forgotten") ),
  • the right of restriction of data processing (GDPR Article 18, Right to restriction of processing ), and
  • the right of contest against the data processing (GDPR Article 21, Right to object), as well as
  • the right of data reassignment (GDPR Article 20, Right to data portability).

Further the user has a right of lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority (GDPR Article 15, Right of access by the data subject, f) ).

For our company this is the "regional comissioner for data protection and the freedom of information" in Bavaria ( in german "Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit"):

Der Bayerische Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz in Bayern (BayLfD)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Petri

Address Wagmüllerstraße 18, 80538 München

Phone: +49 (0)89 212672-0

Email: Internet-Auftritt



7) Kids / Adolescents

The offering for the use of our webpages and -services is directed exclusively towards non-restricted naturual persons, legal persons and company persons. To other persons, especially minors, kids and adolescents, a usage is not permitted.


8) Information, Correction, Blocking and Deletion of Data

At any time you have the right of being informed about the stored data as well as the right of correction, blocking and deletion of such data. Contact us at your will. You can find the contact data in our imprint.


9) Storing Information Using "Cookies"

Our websites use "cookies". "Cookies" are small text files that are either applied only during a browsing session or for a defined period of time on the user's terminal. In such a file data-value pairs are stored, that in case of a returning visitor allow to recognize the browser and to reproduce or reset some parameter or configuration settings for the continued use of our websites. "Persistent Cookies" allow the so-called "tracking". If you want to avoid the use of "cookies", you can in your browser settings, choose to turn them off (disable). For more information, consult the documentation of your browser or the browser manufacturer's website. If you make such a setting in your browser, it may be that some of the functionality of our pages can be no more or not in full offered further, or simply no longer is available.


10) Use of our contact data by third parties

We decline the use of our contact data ( Email-Address, Postal Address ) for Sending not explicitly solicited advertisements and information materials. In case of use of our contact data for not explicitly solicited advertisements, especially Spam-Mails, we retain the right to take legal action against the responsible parties.